Saturday, September 14, 2013

Storm Redesign

Here is my entry for Project Rooftop’s, Storm: All Weather Wear contest.  This one is being judged by Brian Wood and Kris Anka so I couldn’t miss it.  I love Brian’s stuff.  His recent run on Conan with Becky Cloonan was killer… and the James Harren fill in was fucking nuts. I was fortunate to work on some of his books when I used to be Ryan Kelly’s Art Assistant. And Kris Anka…. what a dick.  He is too awesome.  Have you seen this dude’s designs?  He cranks out art like he breathes air.  Even his sketches are brilliant. The best thing about these guys is their engagement with the community, fans and peers alike.  I really appreciate that.
This one was a bit intimidating because Anka just redesigned storm and its pretty unbelievable how good it is.  For this design I tried to go a different direction and play with a more practical approach to her outfit.  I literally wanted to give her something for all seasons.  I also wanted to play up this Kenyan angle but then there’s the bit about her growing up in Egypt and being worshiped as a god and all so I wanted her to be true to her roots at the same time.  So this is my attempt to shoehorn all that into one design.  That being said I was really crunched for time on this and frantically made it last night and finished it today at work.  I think I got it in within an hour or so of the deadline.

sidenote:Thanks to House Industries for the font sampler!