Thursday, October 22, 2009

D-A-W-G the bounty hunter Thursday

Alright, this is a new thing. I'm starting it this week. I call it "DAWG Thursdays". Today is the first day of D-A-W-G . See, this is Dog. He is a bounty hunter. He's like a real world version of Boba Fett but instead of Slave One he drives around in an Escalade, and instead of space he hunts in Hawaii... or occasionally Mexico until he is arrested and flees the country. Fortunately he never falls into a Sarlacc pit and thus continues to make brilliant and engaging television.


  1. And just like Boba Fett, Dog seems a lot cooler until you see him when he's just a little kid and find out his dad used to dress just like him but in a different color scheme.


    Also, I keep reading the web address to this blog not as "Josh Lynch Art" but as "Joshlyn Chart." Like, to see whether or not the seas will be rough with the moon in a certain phase, a sailor has to consult his Joshlyn Chart.

  2. I see it the same way... oops. Too late to change it now s'poses me