Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Squid sketch

tattoo request. Half sleeve... probably won't have the whale, other fish, diver, and will be much cuter. Its a jumping off point. Probably something more James Jean.


  1. Actually, I like the whale and the diver. But as of right now the octopus kind of looks lieka penis. just saying. and i don't know if i can do all the water. that's a lot of ink (and pain)!! but i love it so far!!! thanks brother!

  2. Well if you read headlines... or listen to yourself, you said "octopus or squid" But I'm glad you like it. I'll crank out a bunch and you can take whatever you like and leave the rest.

  3. i DID say octopus or squid. i really like it. definitely send me a few-no rush. thanks a ton!