Friday, February 19, 2010

drink and draw

Shredded wheat is better than dying. How did Matt get "admiral ackbar" from that drawing? How does Dan not know who admiral ackbar is?


  1. Its a game you play. Its like telephone but on paper. The first person writes a sentence, in this case; "shredded wheat is better than dying." Then hand it to the next person. They read the sentence, fold that part of the paper over so no one else can see what was written, and then they draw the sentence. The paper is then passed to the next person who looks at the drawing, folds the paper back, and writes a sentence describing the drawing. This process is repeated until there is no room on the paper or until everyone at the table has had a turn.

    If I remember correctly we played this game at least once while you were in town. It was with after we watched Goblin 2.

  2. yes. we definitely played it. and if i remember correctly - i sucked at it. not being able to draw, i suck at games where i have to draw. who were you playing with this time?