Monday, March 29, 2010

Beyond the Bat

quick sketch


  1. I remember when Batman: Beyond came out. That shit ruled way more than it had any right to.

  2. Man did I hate that intro, the mouth, lack of a cape, ability to fly..... I guess I can only complain about the same things as all other fanboys.

    Actually the three good things to come out of batman beyond in my opinion are as follows:

    -Rebirth pt 1 (the pilot) Specifically the first five minutes or so when Bruce Wayne olds it up and pulls the gun on that goon

    -Return of the Joker

    -The Once and Future Thing (pts 1 &2) of JLU

  3. whoa dude...I didn't know the fanboys didn't like Batman: Beyond. I thought it was sick as fuck. If they'd tried to make Terry McGinnis some prodigy who filled Batman's shoes easily I'd probably have liked it less, but they made him earn it. More Wally West, less Kyle Rayner.

  4. yeah, but they made him this whiny emo bitch. Plus he didn't have to do almost any work. The suit did everything for him. They try to make up for it by upping his villains with superpowers but bruce wayne fought dudes way tougher and way more intelligent. I can't argue that they did do some cool legacy things without hinging on the original batman.