Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of town catch up

Sorry, I was out of town. Here are some sketches I made while away.

Instructions I left for our friend feeding our cats. (we took the dogs with us)

Namor, not sure why.
Another drawing of my neighbor. This dude is in his 70's, is super tough, and he spends all day shirtless in his yard. He looks like the monopoly man meets popeye and often wears suspenders.


Hotel room. Finn was laying in the bed with us and Million Dollar Baby was on tv.


  1. I really want there to be a Boomerang, Map, Compass, and Heart Container in that overhead view of the house.

  2. Dude, if you want that you need to run down to funco and get the Prima's unofficial strategy guide to the Lynch house. Either that or pray Nintendo power lays out the walk through next month.

  3. Does your neighbor know he's the subject of your artwork?