Monday, January 3, 2011

Pirate [updated]

So somebody found this cat outside in the snow. Its frostbitten pretty severly, missing an eye, and a toe. They've been nursing it back to health at the clinic and its looking for fostering. They named it Pirate. I like to imagine it lost its eye, toe, and chunks of ear fighting bears, not from frostbite. You want a bitching super rad tough ass cat?


  1. In addition to being an awesome and adorable work of art, your description, "a bitching super rad tough ass cat," makes it perfect :) !

    (I'd even go for ...fighting bears, vampires and zombies!)

  2. I want to foster it dammit! But Fred won't let me and he lives 5 hours away from me. :( I really hope Pirate finds a good home! (Fred likes the peg leg in this drawing)