Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aquaman Redux pt.3

This one is a bit more influenced by roman and greek armor.


  1. Yeah, I can see the Roman even gave him a bit of a Roman profile with the nose. Aquaman, gladiator of Atlantis. This is my favorite of your designs. I dig the visible gill slits on the neck...I think Namor's (possibly Aquaman as well in official continuity) supposed to have them in his hair, which is kind of a poor design--he'd keep breathing in his own hair, don't you think? Speaking of hair, I like that this one has shorter hair--long hair strikes me as impractical for fighting underwater, it'd get in your eyes.

    What's that giant trilobite/shell-looking thingy on his back?

    I dug the idea of the map of the oceans being tattooed on his skin on the other one, but I guess it wouldn't work on this design. Does he need that orange shirt? (I've always thought Aquaman = clothes, Namor = no clothes, which is why it bugs me they keep sticking Namor in that leather suit, even though I like the yellow underarm "wings"). Maybe not, I just love me the orange-and-green combo--you wouldn't think it works but it does!

    I've always said Aquaman is the book that you and I should do in the dream scenario where DC says "pick a book--any book"...although I don't know, maybe we'd argue about how to do it. You know I have trouble getting into the Conan kind of fantasy stuff that Busiek did, and I know you don't necessarily dig on the Super Lifeguard "where the surface meets the ocean" stuff like I do.

  2. You know what? Don't listen to me about the orange shirt, I just realized it would make the gold/bronze of the metal armor stand out less.

    You kept the calf-muscle fins though, that's awesome.

  3. You know, this is a perfect instance where my hate for character continuity comes in. I would love to see my sword and sorcery "conan-esque" Aquaman, but at the same time I would love to see super lifeguard. I even have a silly little story kicking around my head about him solving mysteries with an octopus sidekick. (Because what makes a better sidekick than an octopus and who better to solve underwater mysteries than a man who can talk to fish?)

    And on his back... why yes it is a trilobite. I'm glad its apparent. What better to make armor out of than giant trilobite shells? Plus, in addition to the fins on his legs, his gauntlets and even his helmet will have fins on them. I'll upload a more finished design later. I'd love to get your thoughts on it before I submit it to Project Rooftop.

    And yes, aquaman would be a dream DC book. But I also would love to do Flash with you. I haven't read a flash book since Geoff Johns ruined it for me. Fucking Murmur... are you kidding me?!