Friday, November 13, 2009

DOG THURSADAY...what? its friday?

So on top of everything I got a new machine and stupid ass canon didn't make drivers for the Lite30 to support newer OS's. Their website claims the driver was updated 7/29/2009 but unfortunately they are dirt filthy liars. The date on the driver when you open it is 2002. Supposedly you can get the scanner to work if you run photoshop in Rosetta however I find that when this happens it tells me the driver is missing. Thats right, even though I copied the canon plugin into the plugins folder it tells me that the driver is corrupt. So in conclusion; Fuck Cannon and I'm sorry I didn't update this in time for Dog Thursday.

As a side note, this probably won't make sense if you don't watch Dog, Wednesday nights on A&E. Television's home for arts and entertainment.


  1. so is dog considered an art or an entertainment?

  2. well look at his hair.... thats art. But look at his snake skin cowboy boots.... thats entertainment.