Monday, November 23, 2009

Humane Society

So Jamie and I went to the Humane Society on Sunday morning. We got there shortly before opening and found two cardboard boxes in front of the door. The boxes were taped shut with air holes punched in the top and the sides and a note attached as follows:

2 Cats, 2 years
no nuts.


Surprisingly one of the cats had already managed to tear its way out of the tiny cardboard box and was hiding behind a nearby garbage can. The other one was attempting to wriggle free through a small air hole. Jamie scooped up the cat behind the garbage and some other people who were waiting along side us grabbed the other cat who was trying to come out of the box. While the event itself was a sad, as in "who the hell who leave cats out taped up in boxes on the doorstep when its free to go in and surrender them?", I couldn't help but think "HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST NOTE I'VE EVER SEEN!"


  1. I guess it's somewhat common practice to dump animals off like that. However, leaving a hilarious note like that has fewer precedents.

  2. On a serious note that is pretty sad. I mean if you're going to abandon your beloved pet at least give them a proper send off with a hilarious, poorly formulated note. Its really the least you could do.

  3. that's awful (and hilarious all at the same time). did you and jamie adopt the furry abandoned creatures??