Friday, April 23, 2010


So we went to Momma's, this dingy little Italian place that serves the most disgusting (but delicious sandwich.) Its called a Sloppy Dego and it is basically a gigantic Italian sausage patty covered in provolone cheese, covered in marinara, between two pieces of texas toast. Than is then covered in marinara and covered in more provolone and mozzarella cheese and then put in the oven and baked. Its not really a sandwich so much as it is a pile of delicious that requires a knife and fork. I ate the whole thing. Then I died.


  1. My ancestry is about half Russian, the rest of it German, Polish, Hungarian, etc. So perhaps it is not my place to be offended.

    However, a "Sloppy Dego" is a VERY UNCOOL name for an Italian sandwich, even if it does come from an Italian restaurant.

    That said, I frigging *want* one of those. I bet it wouldn't disappoint me like the Double Down did.

  2. please read the following article:

  3. I know it is probably not the case, but that would be pretty funny if someone got offended and changed the name, but they changed it from "Hot" to "Sloppy" and left the second bit because they didn't get what the issue was ("I guess it must be an offensive stereotype that Italian people overheat easily").

    Josh, if I PayPal you some money, will you buy one of these things, pack it in ice, and ship it to me?

  4. I'll one better you. Next time you come to town I will take you there. You may not return however because even thinking about it will cause your heart to stop.