Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Galactose Intollerant


  1. I LIKE that! The mecha-insectoid eyes are rad, of course, but what I really dig is the way he's LOOMING over the Silver Surfer. I feel maybe too often artists & writers take the "Galactus is BEYOND good and evil!" thing a bit too far and don't make him scary. Galactus SHOULD be creepy and horrifying, I think. HE WANTS TO CONSUME YOU BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

  2. Thanks dewd. I agree, he should be scary as shit. He's unkillable and therefore afraid of nothing. Our form of life barely even registers as a blip on his radar. Our whole world, everything we know is a joke to him.

    You know how hot I'd be for a 5 dimensional Galactus story. Where we only comprehend one part of him in our 3 dimensional world. The way a 2 dimensional "flatlander" being would only see a flat cookie version of us.