Thursday, April 21, 2011

Comic formatting

So I've been going through and reformatting old Earp pages from a few years back.  When we started we were doing pages at 10.25x6.625 or 11x17. Recently however we switched over to the standard webcomic format.  This makes it easier to publish online as well as self publish.  Printing this size is much more cost effective.  Last time we printed books it cost about $4 per book and we were selling them at a loss.  But hopefully this newer batch will be cheaper to print.  Due to the size change though I've had to go back and edit old pages which is kind of like assembling a puzzle in the sense that they end up getting chopped down in PS and reassembled.  But it also means I have to fill in the gaps by drawing new content.  Here is an example from "Said the Pilgrim to the Duke".  The old page is on top, the reedit is on the bottom.

Also, if you are reading this you should go buy Justin's story in this magazine!

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