Tuesday, April 12, 2011

An occasionally more practical application for drawing

So as it turns out drawing isn't just for doodling pitchers of Superman punchin' a dude, or to illustrate your favorite fine mustachioed gentleman. It can also be used for fine art, architecture.... or in this case designing a litterbox cover on scrap paper while eating spicy cheese curds at the Chatterbox.
I need to fill some nail holes, sand, and paint it. But then it will be done and my kittens will be happy. Also, here is a picture of Finn. BATH-TIME!


  1. awwww! aunt carolyn loves her nephew finn! Awesome litterbox coverup. why did you decide to do that?

  2. That's pretty ingenious, dude.

  3. Carolyn- Yeah? What about Miles, Kit, Joey, Lucas, Mia, and Ty?! Its cleaner looking and keeps the dogs out.

    Ric- Thanks dude. I [heart] U

  4. No - I love them all! I just saw the picture of Fin and wanted to comment on it and how cute he is; but I love all my furry nieces and nephews! Dogs eating poop is gross - good idea to block them.