Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shadow sketch

Here's a super quick Shadow.


  1. Holy crap, dude, the Shadow! You know, I watched that Alec Baldwin movie on YouTube the other week ... I almost wrote a post like my Doctor Who one on the Shadow, but it just ended up saying "Do it exactly like the movie - same characters, same basic story, same themes and subtext - except make it NOT TERRIBLE."

    Oh, I don't know if you were going for this AT ALL, but your Shadow looks kind of like Ian McKellen ... who is also in the 1994 Shadow movie, incidentally.

  2. The Shadow, The Phantom, Blade, Steel...the 90s was a treasure trove for bizarre-ass superheroes getting their own movies.

  3. I was so disappointed when I saw the Shadow as a kid. He is such an awesome character and they fuuuuucked up. The same can be said for the Phantom, Steel, the Rocketeer, and so many others from the 90's. I think the 80's pretty much nailed the fantasy/comic properties. Look at Superman II, Masters of the Universe (not He-man but wonky Kirby-esque fun), Batman, Flash Gordon, Star Treks 2-4, and CONAN. The 80's got a lot of things wrong, but they produced a ton of awesome movies. And unlike today they didn't get caught up blowing their wad on special effects. They could be silly and fun without super fucking lens flares poking your eyeballs out, or wasting millions on cg characters when a dude in a suit would totally do. Labyrinth was so fucking cool (not a comic movie but who gives a shit, BOWIE.)